Each year a budget is created and voted on by our members. From this we decide where the funds will go. One hundred percent of the money raised through PTO goes directly back to benefit the Pershing Elementary students. PTO’s role has become even more critical as we raise funds to supplement the cost of the school’s needs. The PTO gladly works to provide some of the extras that our students and teachers receive.

Here are some of the items PTO has helped to fund:

School Programs

* Rec aides
* 6th Grade Promotion
* Teacher Appreciation Week
* T-Shirts for Each New Kindergarten Class
* PE/Art/Music Funds

Special Projects

* Water station
* Playground equipment
* Gaga pit
* School Marquee
* Ice Cream Social
* School Beautification
* Chrome Books
* 3D printer
* Classroom Technology
* Library books
* PE Mindfulness Class
* Golden Ticket program

School Beautification

The PTO painted doorways for teachers, …


Ice Cream Social

Every spring, we treat the kids to a free ice cream social

The Marquee


New Technology

Chromebooks, 3D Printer, TVs to replace the dated projectors in classrooms.

The Gaga Pit


Playground Equipment



And So Much More…